Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Paper Staring Comedy
By:Corinna Cooper, 4th Grade
One day a little girl about 8, blond hair, blue eyes, and an imagination as big as space, was staring at a bunch of pages she was holding.
Suddenly, a little boy 8 ½ , brown hair, brown eyes who thought imagination was a waste of time, came up to the girl and said, “Hey, I’m Jake, what’a ya doin?” he asked this ‘cause he thought she was cool.
“ I’m Cameron, Cam, Campsalot, Cami sometimes even Camera. And I’m staring at these papers.” she answered.
“I know, but why?” he asked again.
“Because, I’m trying to burn a hole threw them.” she answered again.
“That’s not possible!” he exclaimed.
“Yes, it is, you just use this.” she said pointing to her brain.
“Whatever.” he said thinking she wasn’t cool anymore.

Graduation Day

By: Corinna Cooper, 4th Grade

Graduation day, Graduation day is so grand,

that mama and papa, hired the old Summer Band.

They bought me a tuba, some cards, a table, and a kangaroo,

of course they did not forget the bendakaroos.

I did not want all of their presents and toys because how were we supposed to move

with all of the Emperors New Groove?

No, all I want is a simple congrats, and a friendly “Hello.” So I told them to take all of the toys away,

2nd of all, I couldn’t take all of the hoorays.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

"One Christmas Night"

SMCA Christmas Program 2009

I am proud to present a Christmas Program written entirely by the talented students of SMCA! Over the past three weeks they have studied the birth of Christ and tried to imagine what it would have been like to be one of these characters that they read about. Next they wrote monologues from the prespectives of their chosen characters. This past Friday all of their hard work paid off in a wonderful performance!

The Cast of Characters:
Angel Speaking to Mary- Sofia Porto
Mary- Corinna Cooper
The Donkey- Luke Huffer
The Innkeeper- Jake Cooper
Angel Speaking to Shepherds- Sofia Porto
A Shepherd- Chloe Cooper
A Sheep in the Stable- Mark Huffer
King Herod- Ben Huffer
A Wise Woman- Cami Cooper
Joseph- Ben Huffer

We ended the show by rocking out to "Joy to the World (Unspeakable Joy)" by Chris Tomlin.

Sofia – Angel Speaking to Mary
I told Mary, “You are gonna have a baby and you are gonna name it Jesus.”
Mary was surprised and Mary said “Thank you”.

Corinna- Mary
I was laying on my straw mat when suddenly there was a bright light and a man in white and wings appeared. The man in white said, “Behold, I am God’s angel, Gabriel. God has sent you a message: You will give birth to God’s son. And you will name him Jesus.”
Then the light faded and he was gone! I sat there, for I don’t know how long, but just sat there astonished! Soon I fell asleep, dreaming about giving birth to God’s son. Me, giving birth to God’s son… Jesus… I couldn’t believe it!
The next day I rushed to Joseph’s house and told him every detail I remembered. I know by his face that he didn’t truly believe me.
Soon I know I was getting closer and closer to delivering! When all was well, Caesar Agustus had a cencus. Since I was about to deliver I had to ride on a donkey.
A week later we got into the city of Bethlehem. It was so crowded that God’s Son was born in a stable manger! I was in pain for a long time… now Jesus Christ was born!

Luke- The Donkey
I woke up and felt a cool breeze. Then I heard Joseph yell, “Donkey!” I scurried to Joseph and laid down so Mary could get on me. We started walking toward Bethlehem. After a long day, we laid down to rest and my back was killing me! I was glad to finally rest. If you have walked from Nazareth to Bethlehem you will know how long it takes to walk there.
The next day we came upon the Jordan River. It was freezing cold when we crossed. I had to run through it. I tried to lay in the sun to dry off my fur. After that we kept on walking. Once we found a shady place, we stopped to rest. The next day we were walking and walking, then we got there and they walked to the town’s inn and said, “Can we stay here?”
The inn was full, but the innkeeper said we could stay in the stable. So we went there and Mary gave birth. I was thinking I came all this way for this, until I figured out that the baby was the Son of God. I was so excited to be able to see the Son of God!

Jake – The Inn Keeper
One day, when I got a drink of water, I heard a thump on the door. I went to see who it was. A man said “Hi My name is Joseph. Do you have any rooms for me and my wife, Mary, to stay in. She is going to have a baby?” I said, “Sorry! I have no more rooms. Hmmmm…I got it! You can sleep in the stable. But you must sleep on hay. I know that it is not much but it will have to do. Here is the key to the stable.”
I walked out with them.
“Ooops.. I forgot to tell you the stable stinks.”
Here is a lantern. Here is some food and there is the hay. Here is a manger for the baby. “
I went back to the inn and slept a little. Then I heard something cry. I said, “I wonder what that noise is.”
I went back to the stable and I saw the baby…
“Awww, he’s so cute”, I said.
I asked Mary what the baby’s name was. She said “his name is Jesus.”
I said, “That is a nice name for the baby.”

Sofia- Angel to Shepherds
Later at 9, I went to the fields and I saw shepherds taking care of their sheep. I told them that there was gonna be a baby born in Bethlehem. All the other angels came and we sang, “Glory to God in the Highest”.

Chloe- A Shepherd
One cold and dark night, I was taking care of my flocks, but also gazing at the stars. Out of nowhere I thought a star had fallen for the sky was all lit up!
I could barely catch a glimpse of the floating white object. But for with my ears I heard a voice saying, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord. This will be a sign to you: you will find a baby wrapped in cloth and lying in a manger.”
I thought the heavens were falling. The closer heaven was coming, the brighter it was getting. For with my ears I heard again, but with more than one speaking, said, “Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests.”
The darker it got I thought that the heavens were leaving me here to finish my life on earth. Then the darkness filled the air and I could see once again. When that was finally over, one of the other shepherds said, “Come, let’s go to Bethlehem and see this thing that the Lord has told us about.”
When we started off walking, a smile was shining on my face. I was thinking, would I really be in the presence of Christ the Lord? It was a miracle, all a great miracle.
A couple of hours later we finally got there. It was all real! I was in the presence of Christ the Lord. It tickled me to think. He is Christ the Lord! He should be in a bed made from gold and silver, he should be wearing robes of gold and blue.
But looking at him like that made me feel like a stable animal watching him while I was eating hay, no knowing what so ever what was going on, that this child would do great things someday. That he would save the world! The smile on my face slowly turned into a praise, a praise of joy and thankfulness to God for the marvelous gift he has given me, the best one that I could ever have. The gift of seeing Jesus.

Mark – A Sheep in the Stable
One night I saw two people come in my stable. I said, “You are taking over my stable..” I went to a different spot of the sweet, soft hay. Then I saw that there was a baby. The baby couldn’t stop crying so I couldn’t go to sleep. I wanted to eat but the baby was in the manger and I didn’t want to eat the baby by accident. There was a bright star in the sky. They had food that looked so good. Lots of people stared at the baby. I looked at the baby and he was cute. I looked out the window and saw glowing men. The glowing men sang. Shepherds ran in the stable. Some of my friend sheep followed the shepherds to see the baby. I baaaahhhed at my friend sheep. They baaaahhhed back at me. It was kind of crowded in the stable. I heard that the baby’s name was Jesus. I also heard that Jesus was a king. Later that night, three men came in. They worshipped Jesus. The three men gave Jesus gold. I thought that they were probably rich. Their camels were waiting outside. Later the three men left and the baby finally went to sleep. I went to sleep, too. I was very tired from all those people and animals.

Ben- King Herod
I was eating my supper when the first report came in, “Sir, there is a star in the sky that is brighter than any I have ever seen! Surely ‘tis a sign of some sort!”
What could it mean? I gathered my Magi (Wise Men as you Americans would call them) and asked them what this star could mean. They referred to the teachings of Isaiah, a prophet of the Jewish God:
“But you, Bethlehem, in the land of Judah, are by no means least among the rulers of Judah; for out of you will come a ruler who will be the shepherd of my people, Israel.”
The words rang through my head, “for out of you will come a ruler.” A ruler! A ruler indeed! No one shall rule but me!
Trying vigorously to suppress my anger, I called a group of ten or twelve magi and told them, “Search for this young king. When you find him report back to me so I can go and worship him too.”
The Magi were so gullible! They set out to find him. Did they really think I would worship the one who threatens my rule?
They went out on camels to Bethlehem. I expected them to return in a month or two. I waited. A weak passed. Two weeks. Three! Four! Time seemed endless! I tried to keep myself occupied but to no avail. Finally the end of the first month came. I went to bed, but I could not sleep. I spent the night in restlessness.
The second month passed even slower. Still, the magi did not come! I decided to give them one more month, since I am a graceful king. The third month trickled by. The magi still did not come!
I sent out a battalion of soldiers. I instructed them to kill any child under 2 years old! I am not above murder. This young ruler would soon no longer pose a threat, and my rule will be safe.

Cami – Wise man
One day I was with my friends. We saw a star. It was not like any other star so we followed it. We got packed up and we put our packs on our camels’ shoulders and got on our camels and rode and followed the star. It took us to a stable in Bethlehem. We got off our camels and went inside. We saw a baby, a man, and a woman. I asked them why they are here. The woman answered, “Because there is no room in the inn.” I said, “What are your names?” He said, “My name is Joseph and my wife’s name is Mary. And this is our newborn baby Jesus.” He asked me why I was there. I said, “I came because I saw a star that was not like any other star and it means a new King is born.”
I gave them myrrh and my friend gave them gold and another gave them frankensence. I said,’ I bless your baby with happiness and kindness. I hope you have a safe life. May I carry him? “
Mary said, “Of course”.
So I held the baby for a little while until it was time to go.

Ben- Joseph
I, Joseph, son of Jacob am most likely the luckiest man in all of Judah. I have the opportunity to have the privilege to take on the enormous responsibility of being the earthly father of God’s son. I… I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me start at the beginning.
One night, one of our sons was born. He was an interesting little boy and my life was never the same. After his birth, some weird things started happening. Like those two elderly people at the temple. They were promised that they would see the Messiah before they died. You should have seen their faces when they saw him! It was incredible!
The worst part is that I have to teach him how to be perfect. I’m not perfect!!! I prayed for hours that God would help me with this boy, Jesus. We didn’t even get to name him! An angel told us to name his Jesus.
I planned to teach him carpentry. We never had to punish him. He was perfect. We didn’t have to teach him how to be good. It will be interesting to watch him grow up!


Christmas Writing

"The toys are all gone", cried the elves.
Then Santa came in and said, "What is all the hullabalu in here?"
Then the elves said, "There are no more toys."
Santa gasped, "You mean it".
"Oh no, this is bad, very, very, very bad."
"Santa what should we do?"
"Well we can think of what to do." It was 8:00.
At 9:00, Santa said, "Let's go to H.E.B."
All the elves said "Ya!!!!!!"
They bought clay, crayons, babies, dinosaurs, earrings, and barrettes. Then they went back to the North Pole. Then they wrapped the gifts. Then Santa got in the sleigh and away he went.
Santa said, "Merry Christmas and a good night to all!"

by Jake

"The toys are all gone," cried the elves.
Santa said, "We have to find the toys in the factory."
One elf said, "It's going to be super hard to find them in this huge factory."
"We will look in the attic," five elves said.
Ten elves said, "We will look on this floor."
Santa said, "Me and the rest of the elves will look in the humungus basement."
"Break!" said everyone.
One elf said, "Can I eat this candy cane? I am so hungry!"
Santa said, "Comet, Cupid, Vixen, Rudolph, and all you other reindeer, look around the North Pole."
The five elves who looked in the attic said, "Santa! Santa! We are saved! We found every single present!"

by Mark

"The toys are all gone," cried the elves.
The elves told Santa they were all gone!
Santa said, "Don't worry. Just make more!
The elves said, "We can't. The toy maker is broken!"
Santa said, "How?"
The elves said, "When we turn it on, all the presents keep flying out! And when they fly out, they fall on the floor and break!"
Santa said, "Then get a new toy maker!"
Santa was worried the children would not get their presents, so they went to buy a new machine! Then Santa solved the problem.
So Santa rode off!

by Cami

"The toys are all gone," cried the elves.
The elves were really sad, but the elves had an idea.
We are going to work.
Later, at midnight, the elves put the toys in the giant sled.
Everything was ready and they were done!

by Sofia

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Secret City of the Gongas
By Luke
Grade 4

Once upon a time there lived the Gongas. They lived in a city under the deep, dark, scary woods.
Far away from the woods there lived a boy, Justin, who was five years old. One day, he was running from a bully and he ran into the dark, scary woods. Then he fell through a hole. He looked around and he was in the lost city of the Goby Gongas.
The Gongas liked him and said that he could come whenever he wanted. Justin helped the Gongas refill the hole and make a latch so he could get out at night. He first made a bigger home so that he could go anywhere in the woods. He heard his mother call, so he opened the latch and ran back to his house for dinner.
The next day, Justin went back to Gonga City and asked them if they would help him stop the bully. They agreed and they got goo guns and weapons and scared the bully off.
Justin and the Gongas had a great life.
The End.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Important Bible Characters

Jonah - by Mark Huffer, Grade 3

God wanted Jonah to preach to Ninevah.  But Jonah didn't so he sailed away.  Jonah hid on the bottom of the ship.  But Jonah could not hide from God.  So God sent a big, big storm.  Jonah got thrown into the ocean.  God sent a big, big, big, big fish to save Jonah.  Jonah was alive in the big, big, big, big fish.  Jonah was in the big, big, big fish for three days!  God made the big, big fish spit Jonah on land.  Then Jonah went to Ninevah and preached.

Rahab - by Jake Cooper, Grade 2

Joshua finally found the Promised Land but the people of Jericho were mean in Canaan so Joshua sent 2 spies.  When the spies got in the bad guys looked around.  Rahab hid the spies on her roof ladder.  Then she sent a scarlet ribbon down the wall.   God made all the walls fall down except Rahab's.

Jonah - by Cami Cooper, Grade 2

One day God told Jonah to go to Ninevah!  Jonah didn't go.  He went the other way!  on a boat!  God was not happy with Jonah!  So he sent a storm!  Jonah said to his friends to throw him overboard and it will stop.  So they did!  And it stopped!  And when he was under water a big fish swallowed him!  He stayed in it for 3 days.  Then God told the fish to spit him out!  So the fish spit him out on dry land.  Then Jonah went to Ninevah!  So he went to preach!

Jonah - by Sofia Porto, Grade 1

God told Jonah to go to Ninevah.  Jonah didn't go to Ninevah.  But God sent a storm.  He told the men to throw him overboard.  Jonah was sinking but God sent a big fish to rescue Jonah.  Jonah stayed three days and three nights.  But the fish spit Jonah out.  This time Jonah did go.  The end.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Shadow's Dance
By Corinna
Grade 4

As I walked along,
there danced an unnoticable black figue.
I looked here and there
but there wasn't a single person in my sight.
When I turned around,
I noticed the figure did the same as I did.
I did a dance and the figure did the same.
It was then that I realized
the shadow was mine.
I nicknamed her Shadow Dancer.